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Frequently Asked Questions

Arena is an online school that makes higher education available and affordable for everyone. Our one-year FocusDegree program equips students for the workforce of tomorrow. Students learn both the hard skills and soft skills necessary to succeed in their target position and unlock their full potential.

Arena is $5,000 per year for unlimited live classes and coursework. Tuition can be paid with a one time payment of $5,000 or $500 monthly payment for 12 months. You can also defer your tuition for 5% of your income for five years after graduation – never to exceed $12,500.

A FocusDegree© is a one-year online program where you learn the technical skills required to thrive your target position. The curriculum is designed and taught by industry leaders. Behind our digital platform is a human support system to motivate and get you to the finish line. Each FocusDegree© has a specific learning outcome that includes, coursework, live classes, homework, bodywork, and checkpoint. You will learn both the hard skills and the social intelligence to effectively unlock your full potential.

To earn a FocusDegree<sup>&copy;</sup> credential, you will dedicate 5-10 hours per week for one year to the program. Some students will choose to dedicate more hours, especially in their coursework. However to graduate, it is required that you dedicate a minimum of five (5) hours per week. What if you miss a week? Go on vacation? No problem. To graduate complete your five weekly activities for 40 out of 52 weeks. Each week you’ll receive a new weekly plan with five activities. Some things can be done in front of a computer —others cannot. To learn more about how the program is structured. Visit the FocusDegree<sup>&copy;</sup> page

Arena provides you with the skills for today’s in-demand jobs. At Arena we guarantee that if you are not totally satisfied for any reason, Arena will extend your program for up to one additional year with all the rights and benefits of an enrolled student.