Program Overview

Enroll in Arena’s one-year online program to advance your career and take your skills to the next level.

Now accepting applications for March 2018

Arena prepares you for success in your career, health, and interpersonal relationships.

The Arena Experience

Unlike traditional programs, Arena Education is designed exclusively for women with a uniquely holistic, practical and fun learning experience.

Holistic Learning

We recognize that your life doesn’t happen in a vacuum and that your personal and professional life often intertwine, which in turn affects your health. That’s why we designed a program to help you prioritize and manage all of life’s competing forces. During weekly web sessions with your peers, we will cover life’s three pillars: health, love, and money.

Real-Life Challenges  

During your 52-week program, we will develop a comprehensive list of challenges you’re facing in order to tackle them head-on. If you are in the Arena with us, we will make sure you’re fit for anything life may throw your way. Through our live classes and career coaching, you will be able to track your progress and make sure your rituals, regimens, and behaviors are aligned with breakthrough results.

Year at a Glance

Arena Education will help you create a culture of personal excellence that becomes the basis for your health, career, and finances. When you implement a weekly ritual with Arena and are determined to do your personal best in small bite-size activities, you’ll find that you can achieve more than you ever imagined possible.

Each week, we will help you optimize your life step by step. You’ll learn from proven experts when it comes to optimizing your health, developing a new career direction, and deepening the relationships in your life. In this program, you’ll have the opportunity to explore new subjects with an honest, rigorous self-analysis in the form of weekly checkpoints.

Access to Arena’s proprietary and proven strategies is what sets apart an extraordinary life from all of the rest. This isn’t an 8 week throw away plan, this is a year-long program with four weekly activities that have the power to redefine what’s possible in your life.

Top FAQs

What is Arena?

Arena Education is a one-year program designed to unlock women’s earning potential. Through the proprietary Arena Holistic Learning Method, we equip women with in-demand digital skills and critical soft skills that empower women to lead with purpose. We believe women deserve the latest and best tools to navigate the job world and their future.

While you won’t find teachers at Arena, you will find expert coaches and advisors that will mentor and coach you to find the arena where you thrive.

Why Women?

The Arena online program is designed by and for women because we have different needs and desires than men. Historically, education has been one-size fits all. That’s why we created Arena – to unlock feminine power.

What are the key benefits ?

At Arena, you get to be you. We will help you explore and master your career plan in order to create your own future. Throughout our one-year program, you’ll learn relevant, in-demand skills that will help you increase your earning potential. Arena exists to give you the space to laugh, cry, scream, breathe, yell and release whatever you need to increase your effectiveness and be who you want to be.

Every Monday, we host weekly live coaching sessions and assign powerful activities to unleash your feminine power. We will look and observe your base patterns so that you can have a 360-degree view of your life. We will look through the lens of your mind, body, and spirit to uncover your deepest desires and find your inner strengths (and weaknesses).

How do I enroll?

First of all, we are thrilled that you are joining us! The first step is to complete the online application. After that, you may be invited to interview with an Arena admissions counselor. Keep in mind, Arena was designed with women in mind. With that said, we invite the guys to apply. Apply Today

What is an Income Share Agreement?

At Arena, we believe in aligning incentives. The modern-day Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a dynamic education financing method that respects flexibility and student rights. Instead of paying upfront tuition and taking on all the risks of the program, an income share agreement leverages your future income to your advantage now.

To become an Arena woman, you’ll share 5% of your income for 5 years after graduation. Another perk to this is that there are caps. If you are making less than $22K you pay nothing and 100% of everything you earn after sharing $12,500 goes into your own pocket. It’s dynamic education financing for modern times.

Does Arena have teachers?

No. Arena is a proprietary method designed by industry experts. While we think of Arena as a school, we don’t host talking-head lectures, spend money on fancy campuses or rally behind football teams. Everything we do is laser-focused on equipping women with the tools and strategies to increase their over-all earning potential through the development of new skills and female empowerment. Come join us to radically reinvent your future with holistic education. See you in the Arena.