Your Path to a Perfect Career

Students start with a comprehensive career assessment to gauge their interests, workplace history, skills and priorities in life.  Based on student assessment results, students choose a learning path and are given a 52-week career plan.

Career Assessment

Our career exploration quiz helps match your interests to your career aspirations. Talk to a counseler to learn how answering “if you were a designer would you rather create the image, run the design company, publish the work, or edit the material?” can put you on your dream path.

Program Selection

Each GoodU program is an immersive and interactive experience, featuring prerecorded videos, quizzes, and projects. A minimum effort of 5 hours a week will ensure you complete the program in 52 weeks. Time commitments are estimates and can vary based on course subject and student needs.
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Help & Support

Our community based learning makes it easy to interact with study groups, engage with forward-thinking students to debate ideas, and get help mastering concepts. Or, connect one-on-one with our trusted Advisors.

A New Model for Higher Education

Until recently, expensive and time-consuming two or four year degree programs were among the only options available. Good University is an affordable alternative to those traditional models, providing digital and critical thinking skills you and your future employer want. Via our FocusDegree industries we help students find and build their dream careers.

Learn from Career Experts

Good University is committed to helping you find your perfect career, then building it. Personal and financial freedom are well within your reach – but it takes hard work, determination, and commitment. Using research acquired from PhD Career Psychologists, we’ve designed an affordable, and convenient program that helps turn your ambitions into the reality of a meaningful career.

Redefine your career

As a student, you fast-track and focus the learning experience to meet your immediate needs. Once you complete your 12-month program, your refined set of experience and skills will allow you to more confidently pursue the career you were meant to have.