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Why Choose Arena?

At Arena, it is our mission to empower women to unlock their full earning potential. Through our holistic program, women learn the skills needed to survive and thrive in their chosen career paths. We have partnered with top industry leaders to develop a program that equips you with one of the most lucrative hard skills in the world traditional schools don’t teach — Digital Marketing. We believe every empowered woman should learn how to be a digital marketer. Whether you work for a non-profit, family business, or dream of becoming an entrepreneur, digital marketing can open the doors to create greater impact and growth.

The Arena Program

Digital Marketing skills are more valuable than ever, with digital marketers making an average baseline salary of $58,232 yearly with an earning potential listed over $200,000. A career in digital marketing is lucrative as well as satisfying, with careers in digital marketing occupying six positions on a Glassdoor list of best jobs for work-life balance.

The one-year program at Arena offers our students’ access to in-demand digital marketing coursework, weekly live classes, and bodywork. Our comprehensive learning experience is designed so that students can learn the skills they need to be successful while also receiving mental and physical support through bodywork and career coaching. The program can be worked on anywhere, with coursework taking approximately five hours a week.

Income Sharing

In order to make our program approachable and affordable, Arena uses the Income Sharing Agreement model. At Arena, students pay $0 in upfront tuition, sharing a small percent of their income upon employment after graduation.

We believe every woman should have access to a high caliber digital marketing program; however, we realize that of the 33M women living in the United States, less than 10% can afford the exorbitant costs of such a program with the traditional tuition model. The Income Sharing Agreement model aligns our incentives directly with those of our students — we believe quality education should be debt free.

Our Founder

Arena Education was founded in July 2017 by Serial EdTech Entrepreneur Nicolette Rankin. Over the years, she has taught over 500,000 students the English language and employed over 5,000 staff worldwide. In 2007 she co-founded Open English, an online English school in Latin America that was valued at $350M in 2013. That same year, Rankin left Open English and went on to create Next University, an innovative online school, which helped equip leaders in emerging markets.

Throughout her extensive career, Rankin has raised more than $120M in venture capital with the mission of making higher education a basic human right. Rankin is a social entrepreneur who continues to inspire women to follow their dreams. Her hope is that every woman finds the arena where they thrive.

Origin Story

“In my late twenties, I was a machine. On the outside, I was crushing it. The company I co-founded was highly profitable and taught the English language to over 500,000 students while employing many others worldwide. I was also married to the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, who just so happened to be my co-founder.

Then one day, everything came crashing down — I lost my marriage and my company and was forced to start anew. I took a one-way flight to Los Angeles from my home in Miami and didn’t go back for an entire year. I spent a whole month crying in a hotel room. My identity had become so completely intertwined with my work and marriage that without it I felt lost. My friends and family had been placed on the back burner, and I had stopped going to church and doing what I loved most — running triathlon.

It took four years to completely untangle and find compassion for my husband and former colleagues. The first year was denial and the need for revenge. The second year was sadness and loss. The third year was anger and fear. Now, at year four, I have found my calling and my power…to make sure women receive the support and guidance in their career, health, and daily lives that they deserve.

My mission with Arena is to empower women to unlock their full earning potential through holistic education. We equip women with the skills necessary to be in good health and grow an expansive network while teaching one of the most lucrative hard skills in the world traditional schools don’t teach — Digital Marketing.”

Nicolette Rankin
Founder of Arena Education

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