``Arena is the most holistic way to learn.``

– Nicolette Rankin, Founder & CEO Arena Education

Gain a Competitive Advantage

At Arena, we teach digital marketing to create new economic opportunities for women. Through holistic education, we optimize our student’s growth, health, and wealth. The best part is that our students get free tuition until after graduation.

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The Arena Method

We are here to serve you. Join the Arena community of ladies learning new skills and optimizing their careers. We are here to empower you to create a compelling and fruitful future. Register for a free one-on-one session with an Arena Advisor today.

We Get Paid When You Do

We believe education should have no upfront costs and our students should graduate debt free. Arena’s flexible tuition model allows our students share a percentage of their income after graduation.

Weekly Live Classes

Real-Time Interaction – Every Monday, Arena hosts live classes and live coaching online. Our students get unlimited access to Arena Career Coaches, Senior Advisors, and Digital Marketing Experts every Monday.

Powerful CourseWork

Digital Marketing Skills – Through premium online coursework, we will equip you with in-demand skills to give you a real competitive advantage. Our lessons are competency-based, which means you can easily test out of subjects you know and aren’t wasting time.

BodyWork Assignments

Optimization of Your Health and Well-Being – To be effective, you must feel good and have a healthy lifestyle. At Arena, we help you develop rituals, routines, and health guidelines to enhance your livelihood.

Real Work Experience

Work Directly with Top Companies – A whole new approach to fast track your career. At Arena, students work with experts and interview market leaders to systematically create new economic opportunities.

About Us

Arena Education was founded in July 2017 by Serial EdTech Entrepreneur Nicolette Rankin. In her career, she’s taught over 500,000 students how to speak English and employed over 5,000 staff world wide.  She created Arena to empower women to achieve financial freedom.